Tuition & Aid

MD & Premed Program

Tuition: USD 18000 per year

(Applicable to the Premed Plus MD program students too)

(TAU offers a variety of scholarships and students are encouraged to refer to the scholarship page for information on available scholarship)

  • Students doing clinical rotations in the USA will be charged an additional $9990 per clinical semester
  • 1st year tuition includes one semester Hostel fees for International Students.
Other Fees:
  • Re-registration fees 100 USD
  • Exam Fees Including NBME Subject (Per Semester for Basic Science):  240 USD
  • Educational Resources (Per Semester for Basic Science): 200 USD
  • Basic Science Exit Exam (One Time):  300 USD
  • Transition Semester Tuition: 4000 USD
  • Exam Fees Including NBME Shelf (Per Semester for Clinical Science):  240 USD
  • Clinical Exit Exam: 1000 USD
  • Malpractice Insurance (per year) $1000 USD for US rotation Students
  • Health Insurance: 200 USD (Per year & Subject to change)
  • One time Health checkup: 125 USD (Only for International Students)
  • Visa processing fee: 250 USD (Subject to change) (Only for International Students)
  • Visa extension fee: 560 USD (Subject to change)(Only for International Students)
  • Medical Insurance:  202 USD per year   (Subject to change) for Philippines Rotation
  • Graduation fee: $915

Hostel (Dorm) fees: USD 3000 per year (does not include food, utility and transportation)
Tuition does not include books and supplies. Fees are published for the current semester and are subject to change.

Undergraduate Program

BBA, BPH & BIT (4 years program) : 2000 USD per year
BBA, BPH & BIT (2 years program) : 2500 USD per year

Post Graduate Program

MBA & MPH (2 years program) : 3500 USD per year

Post Graduate Medicine Program

MMed (3 years program) : 15000 USD per year

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Texila American University is dedicated to providing support to its global student base. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us – we are happy to help you!

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Texila American University offers a wide range of degrees in its campus. The first step is applying to one of your preferred programs. As an acclaimed medical school, there is a high demand among aspiring medical aspirants.

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