Student Handbook

Guidelines for students

Texila American University (TAU) is a world-class learning center of medical studies. The medical school maintains an ambiance of academic learning within its campus. Through its distinguished faculty and advanced infrastructure, TAU provides the best possible education to its students. TAU selects talented and academically-motivated students to be part of this top institute. As an acclaimed center of learning, TAU expects its students to live up to the standards of the medical college.


Academic Calendar

Texila American University (TAU) is an international medical school. It has students coming from all over the world to receive education at this acclaimed institution. The academic calendar enables interested students to know about the program sessions at TAU and help them prepare for admissions.

The academic calendar and intake details for Texila American University is as follows:


March 2016 Commencement of Semester
April 2016 Mid Term Examinations
July 2016 End Term Examinations
August 2016 End Semester Vacation
September 2016 Commencement of Semester
November 2016 Mid Term Examinations
January 2017 Winter Vacation
February 2017 End Term Examinations
March 2017 Commencement of Semester
April 2017 Mid Term Examinations
July 2017 End Term Examinations
August 2017 End Semester Vacation
September 2017 Commencement of Semester
November 2017 Mid Term Examinations
January 2018 Winter Vacation
February 2018 End Term Examinations