Student Affairs

Student Affairs plays a critical role in offering a fine experience to students enrolled under Texila American University (TAU). Student Affairs at TAU work towards helping students embark on a rewarding journey of growth and self-exploration. The division of Student Affairs promotes the cause of student development and learning while fostering community engagement. It encourages diversity and empowers students to thrive.


At TAU, Student Affairs plays an essential role in student success. It remains a constant companion for students right from their first weeks at the university, all through their degree course, and up to their graduation and beyond. It focuses on creating an environment of positivity that fosters learning and personal development both within and outside the classrooms. To enhance the experience of students at TAU, the division of Students Affairs organizes innovative programs, extends facilities, and offers various services. The division works towards creating a campus culture that encourages student engagement and inspires them to achieve their academic goals and march towards a bright career.