Pre-med Advisor

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Texila American University's pre-med advisor is an exclusive page created to act as a reference regarding the academic opportunities available at this international medical school. Through this page, we invite you to learn more about our institution, discover some quick facts about our medical programs, and explore the outcome of students who graduate from TAU.


A peek into the opportunities and outcomes at TAU

  • Texila American University (TAU) is a distinguished Caribbean medical college dedicated to creating an environment of academic excellence.
  • TAU is a center of knowledge where students get an opportunity to earn their Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree or explore other career opportunities in the healthcare sector.
  • Since its inception in 2010, TAU has been excelling at nurturing students and turning them into the most competent physicians and medical professionals.
  • Students graduating from TAU are employed under renowned hospitals and healthcare centers worldwide.
  • TAU students can pursue their clinical rotations in the university's affiliated hospitals spread across the USA, Guyana, and South Africa.
  • The USMLE success rate of TAU's students is on par with the other USA and Canadian students. TAU helps international medical students/graduates to successfully enter into a USA residency program.
  • The medical school provides scholarships and helps students to receive financial aid in order to meet their academic expenses.


Education and academic life at TAU

  • TAU has a modern campus with the robust infrastructure needed to deliver world-class education in the field of medical science.
  • TAU offers programs in various health care disciplines.
  • Students at TAU get hands-on clinical training in high-tech labs along with comprehensive theoretical knowledge delivered through lectures.
  • Students have access to faculty members beyond the classrooms. The outstanding faculty at TAU are committed to providing the best learning experience to their students.
  • Students at TAU are provided the best possible academic resources and guidance to ensure that they fulfill their academic goals.