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Overview of Postgraduate Medical Residency Programs

In association with Georgetown Public Hospital, Texila American University offers Postgraduate Medical Residency Program “Master’s in Emergency Medicine” and “Master’s in Anesthesiology”.

Founded in 1838, Georgetown Public Hospital is the oldest yet largest hospital in Guyana. With over 600 beds and long-run history, this government-run hospital a teaching hospital that offers training on almost all major specialties.

Taking up residency program at the best medical institution in Guyana, Georgetown Public Hospital, will help the medical professionals gain expertise in the fields of “Master’s in Emergency Medicine” and “Master’s in Anesthesiology” with a real-time learning experience.

3 Years

Our Postgraduate Medical Residency Program are based on US Curriculum


1. Master’s in Emergency Medicine (3 Years)

Emergency medicine is the most critical medical specialty that demands proactive and thorough expertise. Texila American University’s 3-year Emergency Medicine Residency Program is intended to provide the students with the required skills and live experience that would help them excel in their profession. With advanced learning techniques, we deliver quality education to professionals to achieve excellence in the field of emergency medicine.

Through this residency training program, the students can get extensive training that imposes a broad base of medical knowledge with profound clinical and technical skills.

Upon completing this Postgraduate Medical Residency Program, the emergency physicians can perform different roles such as prehospital care treatments, disaster medicine management, and research and administration of emergency medicine.

2. Master’s in Anesthesiology (3 Years)

Anesthesiology is another medical specialty that requires the utmost expertise to do the procedures involved in the anesthesia. Texila American University’s 3-year Anesthesiology Residency Program is intended to provide extensive training on the usage of anesthesia and anesthetics to safely support a patient’s vital functions through the perioperative period.

This 3-year Postgraduate Medical Residency Program teaches physicians a broad range of medical knowledge, necessary clinical skills, and supervised experience practicing medicine in the field of anesthesia.

Upon successful completion of this residency training program, students will be able to examine and exhibit their skills in surgical and pain management procedures. Being qualified with required skills and training, they can excel in their profession as anesthesiologists.

Fees & Scholarship

Fees : USD 15,000 Per Year
USD 10,000 Per Year

Avail 33% Scholarship on your tuition fees

You will be paid an attractive stipend of up to USD 1500 per month

Admission Requirements

The prospective applicants for these Postgraduate Medical Residency Programs are expected to satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery MBBS / Doctor of Medicine or equivalent degree from a recognized medical school that is accepted by the Guyana Medical Council
  2. A one-year formal internship satisfactorily completed at an institution accredited by the Guyana Medical Council (or equivalent)
  3. Two reference letters from valid senior doctors. One letter must be mandatorily from the administering doctor at your current clinical assignment. (Mandatory). A third letter can be provided by the candidate to complete their application processes. (Optional)
  4. A minimum of one-year post-internship clinical experience

Document Requirements

The applicants will have to furnish the following documents:

  1. Notarized/attested copy of the birth certificate
  2. Notarized/attested copy of MBBS/MD degree with internship completion certificate
  3. Notarized/attested copy of the transcript
  4. Notarized/attested copy of Medical Council full registration certificate
  5. Curriculum vitae
  6. Reference letters
    • Two reference letters from valid senior doctors. One letter must be mandatorily from the administering doctor at your current clinical assignment. (Mandatory)
    • A third letter can be provided by the candidate to complete their application processes. (Optional)
  7. A detailed profile in 400-500 words explaining your interest and why you have chosen Emergency Medicine/Anesthesiology
  8. A recent passport-size photograph (2″ x 2″)
  9. MCAT scores (if applicable)

Other Requirements

The applicant must also have:

  • At least one-year post-internship experience by the commencement of the program
  • Full registration with their Medical Council
For Individuals with Contractual Obligations
Persons with contractual obligations (e.g., to the Ministry of Public Health or private institutions) must have relevant release letters attached to their application. A recommendation for the candidate to pursue postgraduate training will also be accepted.
For International Applicants
  • A valid CSME certificate
  • A full registration from home country

All eligible applicants will have to attend an interview for final selection.

For more information on admission and dates of enrollment, please contact our admissions office at residency.medicine@tauedu.org or call +592 2657651/+592 265765.

Postgraduate Medical residency program
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