Parents Support

Texila American University (TAU) recognizes the role of parents and family members in the life of students. The university is aware of the investment of such people in the success of the student. TAU believes that parents play a crucial part in support student development and helping them achieve their academic goals. The university realizes that when a student goes for higher studies, parents and family members want to be sure that there will be support and advice available, in case they need it.

TAU provides answers to queries of parents regarding the opportunities and facilities available to students at this university. The links below guide parents to information regarding various aspects of academic life at TAU, right from the application process to their graduation. In case parents cannot find answers to their specific questions, they can feel free to contact us anytime to resolve their doubts and queries.



  1. Can we get bank loan for studying in your University ?

    Yes. Bank will approve loan based on 2 things. One, the university is recognized in its country of origin and it is listed in MCI - which we are ! Secondly the parent/student have the required assets

  2. What is availability regarding food?

    Yes we have Mess/Canteen and Kitchen for student where they can get cooked food and Allowed to cook for themselves respectively. We have Indian Cooks as well.

  3. Do you have female students (female student's parent question/concern). If yes, can you give me details?

    We have above 50% of female students. However, you can be given reference number only after you get register because of some Security reasons.

  4. Will you refund our seat deposit if the visa is rejected?

    Since we confirm the Eligibility upon confirming all your details, the chances of VISA getting rejected is very very minute. But still forbidden if it happens then Yes We Will.

  5. Is there any hidden charges?

    No. The Statement of Fee which we issue you along with your PNOA describes all the charges in detail.