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As part of its efforts to expand its program offerings, Texila American University (TAU) has partnered with Monroe College, New York, to offer two new exciting business programs. In September 2021, prospective students in Guyana will be able to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Monroe College.

What makes this offer unique is that it allows you to complete your degree program at Monroe’s New Rochelle campus in the United States. This program structure enables students to benefit from a wide array of internship and networking opportunities that will pave the way for a promising business career.

Through the partnership, which is the first of its kind in Guyana, TAU students can enroll in Monroe College MBA program in Guyana campus of Texila and graduate with Monroe degree in Guyana. Students enrolled in the MBA program also has the option to complete the final year of the MBA program from Monroe campus in New York,  TAU students enrolled in their Bachelors in Business Administration will also have the opportunity to transfer their credits to Monroe BBA program and graduate from Monroe campus in New York.

Monroe College – “A Real-World Education”

Founded in 1933, Monroe College is a private, for-profit college and graduate school based in New Rochelle, New York. In addition to its New Rochelle campus, Monroe also has campuses based in the Bronx, Manhattan, and even St. Lucia.

Monroe College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Monroe’s business programs, which are offered by its King Graduate School, are also accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). The King Graduate School (KGS) is what many consider “real world education”. Its curriculum is industry-driven and structured to prepare graduates for managerial-level and leadership positions. A degree from Monroe College will prepare you to assume leadership positions in your organization while allowing you to focus your studies in areas most relevant to your chosen career path.

Texila – Monroe’s Business Programs – Guyana to New York

The MBA program is offered as a direct partnership with Monroe College whereby students do the Monroe MBA will have the opportunity to complete the entire MBA program and graduate with a Monroe Degree in Guyana. They will also have the opportunity to complete half of the program in USA in Monroe’s New Rochelle campus. Students enrolled in the BBA program will pursue Texila Associate degree for the first two years and then transfer to Monroe to complete with a degree from Monroe College. When you pursue one of Monroe’s business through TAU, you will undertake the first part of your program in Guyana at TAU’s campus and the latter part in New York at Monroe’s New Rochelle’s Campus. The Guyana-New York path gives you a priceless opportunity to complete your studies just minutes away from the bustling New York City – a location known for business and its rich culture.

Studying and living in New York presents countless opportunities to engage in practical learning, such as participating in Monroe’s Career Services Internship Program that lets students build on academics with work experience related to their major. With visits to major entities like Wall Street, the Apple Store and Salesforce, Monroe offers a unique mixture of world-class academics and practical, on-the-job experience.

I found the support from the Student Mentor very cordial and professional , I have worked with two student mentors and both have been very supportive and willing to help while necessary.

Bukola Ayoola

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