Training In The USA

Texila American University (TAU) provides the opportunity for students pursuing Doctor of Medicine (MD) program to complete their clinical rotations in the USA. This enables students to gain valuable U.S. clinical experience and exposure needed to enter the U.S. residencies. At TAU, we provide the services needed to navigate the process of clinical rotations in the USA correctly and at an accelerated pace.

Exceptional route to reach career goals

Securing quality clinical rotations within the United States is extremely difficult as far as internationally trained physicians and international medical students are concerned. TAU recognizes the importance of clinical rotations in the USA for international medical students. Through such clinical rotations, students become familiar with the U. S. healthcare system. This helps them to build their medical career in the USA. We help to secure rotations for the Caribbean and other board educated medical students who rely on U.S. programs to complete their medical education

As a student of TAU, one can reap several benefits regarding clinical rotations in the USA. These include the following:

  • TAU provides services to help international students to complete all core clinical rotations and electives in the US
  • Students get the opportunity to attend clinical training in renowned hospitals throughout the US
  • Students gain valuable exposure to the US healthcare system



At TAU, the curriculum of clinical rotations for MD program includes:


  • Core Clinical Rotations
  • Elective Clinical Rotations