Program Details

The Pre-Medical program is designed for highly motivated high school students who have decided to pursue a medical career, and others who do not have the necessary pre-requisite courses to be qualified for the M.D. program. The program college level science and other required courses that enables the student to accelerate his/her career plans by offering all medical pre-requisite courses in a span of three semesters in 18 months.

Students with undergraduate degrees can also take individual courses in this program to complete their basic requirements or improve their grades to qualify for the M.D. program.

Emphasis is given to those topics within each discipline which are of primary significance to a medical education. The key objectives of the Pre-Med program is to:

  • Provide the students with the undergraduate level courses traditionally required for entry into North American medical schools.
  • Subjects provide a solid foundation in those scientific and social sciences disciplines required for successful completion of a rigorous medical curriculum.
  • Increase skills in writing, reading and critical and quantitative reasoning.

Clinical rotations can be pursued in affiliated hospitals in Guyana/USA/Philippines.>

Admission Requirements

Texila American University takes pride in the students being admitted into it’s pre-medical programs. To ensure that quality in admissions is being maintained, a stringent checklist is followed while considering if the students are capable of handling rigorous courses and training. The students are expected to meet the eligibility standards in order take up a degree in medicine and to pursue their preferred program at Texila.

  • A minimum of five (5) CXC/CSEC General Proficiency (Grades I & II; and III from 1998) /five (5) passes at GCE ‘O’ Level, including English Language, two science subjects including Biology, and Mathematics for the Pre-Medical Program
  • OR
  • Three (3) subjects at the GCE Advanced Level plus two (2) subjects at CXC/CSEC General Proficiency/GCE. Ordinary Level not obtained at Advanced Level. Two science subjects, English and Mathematics must be among the subjects obtained
  • OR
  • Two (2) subjects at the GCE Advanced Level plus three (3) subjects at CXC/CSEC General Proficiency/GCE Ordinary Level not obtained at Advanced Level. Two science subjects, English and Mathematics must be among the subjects obtained

Admission Process

Complete Application

The Student Counselors of Texila American University guides and supports the applicants throughout the entire admissions process. The prospective student is led to fill out the admissions form.

Submit Required Documents and Fee

Once the application form is filled, the student will be required to furnish certain documents. These include:

  1. Personal Statement
  2. Results of the Qualifying Exams (‘O’ and ‘A’ Level Certificates and Pre-med Certificates)
  3. Two statements of good moral character from the Principal, Registrar and Teachers of the previous institute
  4. One passport size (2”x2”) copy of latest picture
  5. MCAT Scores (if applicable)
Texila Medical Admission Test (TMAT)

If the student is found eligible to apply, they will be required to take up TMAT, which is an MCQ based examination consisting of 100 basic science questions such as Anatomy- 20%, Physiology -15%, Biochemistry – 35%, Medical terminology – 20%, Organic chemistry and Biology – 10%. The Required pass percentage for acceptance of the applicant is 60% score in TMAT. The time duration for TMAT is two hours.

Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)/ Virtual Interview

On successfully passing the TMAT, the applicant will undergo the MMI interviews consist of several short practical assessments, usually 10 minutes each. Applicants will be presented with a scenario before each mini interview. The applicant will have sufficient time to prepare an answer. The MMI is conducted to assess the applicants on the basis of following parameters:

  1. Ethical Decision Making
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Reasoning
  4. Psychological Thinking
  5. Communication Skills
Decision Letter

Admission decisions are typically made within two to three weeks after the personal interview, and a little longer during holiday and semester breaks. Candidates will be notified in writing with one of the below possible outcomes:

Acceptance: The applicant is accepted for the desired entry term. Accepted students will receive a Welcome Kit with additional forms to complete as well as instructions for the next step. They will also be working directly with a designated Texila staff member who will assist them with the enrollment process.

Denial: When the applicant does not necessarily meet the minimum entrance qualifications. Applicants may once again appeal this decision in writing with additional supporting documentation for review.

Review Policies and Procedures

If the request to review the applicant’s form seems valid on the basis of their supporting documents, the applicant is contacted to further discuss the terms to proceed with.



  • Premedical
    PM 1 [Semester 1]
    Biology I 4 Credits 1 Credits 2 Credits 7 Credits
    General Chemistry 7 Credits 1 Credits 4 Credits 12 Credits
    Physics I 4 Credit 1 Credits 2 Credit 7 Credits
    English – I 3 Credits 1 Credits 4 Credits
    TOTAL 18 Credits 4 Credits 8 Credits 30 Credits
    PM 2 [Semester 2]
    Biology II 4 Credits 1 Credits 2 Credits 7 Credits
    Organic Chemistry 7 Credits 1 Credits 4 Credits 12 Credits
    Physics II 4 Credit 1 Credit 2 Credit 7 Credits
    English II 3 Credits 1 Credits 4 Credits
    TOTAL 18 Credits 4 Credits 8 Credits 30 Credits
    PM 3 [Semester 3]
    Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology 4 Credits 2 Credits 1 Credits 7 Credits
    Medical Terminology 4 Credits 1 Credits 5 Credits
    Statistics & Pre-Calculus 3 Credit 1 Credits 4 Credit
    Introduction to Biochemistry 3 Credits 1 Credits 1 Credits 5 Credits
    Communication skills 3 Credits 1 Credits 4 Credits
    Spanish Medical Terminology 2 Credits 1 Credits 3 Credits
    Psychology 2 Credits 2 Credits
    TOTAL 21 Credits 7 Credits 2 Credits 30 Credits
    GRAND TOTAL CREDITS (PM 1 + PM 2 + PM 3) 57 Credits 15 Credits 18 Credits 90 Credits

Download Brochure

Please provide details below and we will mail you the details for Tuition Fees and Scholarship along with a copy of the brochure.

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Selection Factors

Students to Texila American University (TAU) are selected on the basis of their academic, personal, and extracurricular abilities. Additionally, students must have the intellectual, physical, and emotional capacities to meet the requirements of a successful medical career.

TAU intends for its students to become competent and compassionate Doctors who are capable of meeting all requirements for medical responsibilities. TAU is committed to educating and training future leaders in medicine.

I am a medical student at Texila and I like the University very much because the faculties are very good and well qualified. In short, Texila is the best with its quality of education.

Ms. Abirami Saravanan,
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)