College of Public Health

Transform Communities with Expertise in Public Health

College of Public Health at Texila offers public health programs with dedicated experts to educate new generations of global health leaders.

College of Public Health

Public Health is the science of safeguarding the health of families and communities through education, policy making, research and organized efforts by involving society, organizations (public and private), communities and individuals. It also involves preventing diseases, prolonging life and promoting health & well being.

A Public Health degree that prepares you for contemporary public health practice. Help to solve global health problems. TAU’s Public Health Programs is a mix of practical education with research.

college of public health

College of Public health extends far beyond the traditional view of healthcare. Practitioners in the field, work hard to improve the economic, social, and environmental health of communities, as well, by focusing on a broad range of public health issues.

  • Disparities in healthcare access.
  • Social isolation.
  • Violence and trauma.
  • Food security: Shortage of Healthy and affordable nutrition.

By earning a public health degree in the TAU’s College of Public Health, you’ll learn more about the issues impacting communities worldwide and how you can tackle those challenges through educational programming, new public health policies, and services, research, or community partnerships.

My experience at TAU university as an international student has, overall, been positive; any challenges I met were outside the academic program. I must mention the broad academic curriculum offered within a high-quality education system, the efficiently operating administration.

Mr. Musa Gambo Wabba

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