Campus and Culture

Texila American University (TAU) does not confine student life to the classroom alone. TAU offers numerous opportunities for its students to expand their academic life beyond the confines of books, notes, and lectures. The international medical college enables all-round development of the students through various non-academic and cultural activities conducted inside the campus. Students are immensely benefitted by the various activities for students inside TAU campus. Since TAU's student community comprises of nationals belonging to various countries of the world, students are exposed to a multi-cultural environment within the university campus.


Among the main benefits for students who are a part of TAU's campus and culture are:

Student organizations

TAU has various student organizations dedicated to different causes. These organizations help create a lively atmosphere inside TAU's campus.

Student resources

The medical school provides every kind of resource needed by medical students to carry out their education competently.

Recreation facilities

TAU offers a number of facilities for student recreation. Students can relax and enjoy within the campus by participating in various cultural activities.

Sports facilities

A sound mind resides in a sound body. To ensure this fact, TAU offers sports facilities within its campus for the students.