Program Details

Our business administration programs are designed to fast-track your career and enables you to learn more about the realities of starting or managing a business. Our programs will enhance your decision making, critical thinking, reasoning skills, and managerial ability.

Admission Requirements

Texila American University takes pride in the students being admitted into it’s Bachelors in Business Administration programs. To ensure that quality in admissions is being maintained, a stringent checklist is followed while considering if the students are capable of handling rigorous courses and training. The students are expected to meet the eligibility standards in order take up a degree and to pursue their preferred program at Texila.

For 4 years
  • At least 5 CSEC subjects inclusive of Mathematics and English
For 2 years
  • Bachelors in science or any bachelor’s degree with 2 years of work experience in the science field

Admission Process

Complete Application

The Student Counselors of Texila American University guides and supports the applicants throughout the entire admissions process. The prospective student is led to fill out the admissions form.

Submit Required Documents and Fee

Once the application form is filled, the student will be required to furnish certain documents. These include:

  1. Personal Statement
  2. Results of the Qualifying Exams
  3. Two statements of good moral character from the Principal, Registrar and Teachers of the previous institute
  4. One passport size (2”x2”) copy of latest picture
Decision Letter

Admission decisions are typically made within two to three weeks after the personal interview, and a little longer during holiday and semester breaks. Candidates will be notified in writing with one of the below possible outcomes:

Acceptance: The applicant is accepted for the desired entry term. Accepted students will receive a Welcome Kit with additional forms to complete as well as instructions for the next step. They will also be working directly with a designated Texila staff member who will assist them with the enrollment process.

Denial: When the applicant does not necessarily meet the minimum entrance qualifications. Applicants may once again appeal this decision in writing with additional supporting documentation for review.

Review Policies and Procedures

If the request to review the applicant’s form seems valid on the basis of their supporting documents, the applicant is contacted to further discuss the terms to proceed with.



4 Years

Subjects Credits
Semester 1
Principles and Practice of Management 4
Business Communication 4
Financial Accounting 4
Semester 2
Business Law 4
Business Economics 4
Computer Application 3
Organizational Behaviour 4
Capstone Project -1 2
Semester 3
Business Environment 4
Business Mathematics 3
Environmental Management 4
Management Accounting 4
Semester 4
Profit Planning & Control 3
Production Methods 4
Manpower Management 4
Marketing Concepts 3
Capstone Project-2 2
Semester 5
Business Finance 3
Business Statistics 3
Computer Application 3
Research Methodology 3
Semester 6
Business society and Ethics 3
Sales & Distribution Management 3
Operation Research 3
Marketing Management 4
Capstone Project – 3 2
Semester 7
Management Information System 3
Banking Law & Practice 3
Advertising & Public Relations 3
Human Resources Development 4
Semester 8
Corporate Planning & Strategic Management 4
Entrepreneurial Development 4
Project work and Viva 12

2 Years

Subjects Credits
Principles of Management 4
Business Economics 4
Business Communication 4
Capstone Project-1 2
Organizational Behaviour 4
Quantitative Techniques and Operations Research in Management 4
Business Organization 4
Capstone Project-2 2
Elective 1 3
Elective 2 3
Elective 3 3
Elective 4 3
Bachelor Project 20

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Selection Factors

Students to Texila American University (TAU) are selected on the basis of their academic, personal, and extracurricular abilities. Additionally, students must have the intellectual, physical, and emotional capacities to meet the requirements of a successful medical career.

I found the support from the Student Mentor very cordial and professional , I have worked with two student mentors and both have been very supportive and willing to help while necessary.

Bukola Ayoola