Bachelor of Pharmacy (Diploma in Pharmacy to Bachelors in Pharmacy - 2 Years)

Bachelor of Pharmacy (D. Pharm to B. Pharm) is an exceptional program offered by the College of Pharmacy at Texila American University (TAU). It is a degree course structured to enable students with Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharm) to upgrade their qualification to Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) within just 2 years.

An excellent pathway to move ahead in career

TAU's advanced standing program in pharmacy has a curriculum that focuses on theoretical coursework and clinical training to prepare students for the bachelor degree. Robust infrastructural facilities enable students to obtain extensive experience in the essentials of pharmacy education. It is a lateral entry program that helps students possessing a diploma in pharmacy to advance their career prospects and make a mark in the healthcare industry.

This Bachelor Degree program in Pharmacy is meant to impart students with the following abilities:

  • To develop critical thinking ability
  • To have a sound knowledge of drugs and pharmaceutical products
  • To become a life-long learner
  • To obtain strong clinical skills
  • To improve patient monitoring skills
  • To meet the challenges of the pharmaceutical sector
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Students eligible for the B. Pharm (2 years) program

  • Eligibility

    Students who have completed 10+2 level of education and a Diploma in Pharmacy are eligible for lateral entry into the degree program. They have to study for just 2 years to obtain their Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy.

  • Curriculum
    I General Chemistry 1 6
    Organic Chemistry 1 6
    Physics 1 6
    Biology 1 6
    II General Chemistry 2 6
    Organic Chemistry 2 6
    Physics 2 6
    Biology 2 6
    Pre-Calculus 3
    III Pharmacy Practice 1 (Orientation to Profession of pharmacy) 3
    Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1 3
    Integrated Basic Health Science1A (Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Community Health 6
    Communication Skills for Health Personnel I 3
    IV Pharmacy Practice - 2 (Pharmacy calculations) 2
    Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2 3
    Integrated Basic Health Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Community Health) 6
    Law, Governance, Economy and Society 3
    V Microbiology, Immunology and General Pathology 3
    Pharmacy Practice - 3 (Compounding Lab) 2
    Medicinal Chemistry 1 3
    Pharmaceutics (dosage form design) 4
    Pharmacology 1 3
    VI Pharmaceutical Analysis 3
    Pharmacy Practice-4 Laboratory (Sterile Products Lab) 2
    Pharmaceutics (Biopharmaceutics, New Drug Delivery Systems & Devices) 4
    Medicinal Chemistry- 2 3
    Pharmacology 2 3
    VII Pharmacy Practice -5 (prescription dispensing & site visits) 3
    Applied Therapeutics I 6
    Pharmacokinetics (Basic & Clinical) 3
    Pharmacy Law & Ethics 2
    Complementary/ Alternative Medicine, Non-Prescription Drugs 3
    Research Methodology 3
    Elective 1 2
    VIII Pharmacy Practice -6 (Drug Information / Literature Evaluation) 2
    Applied Therapeutics II 6
    Pharmacokinetics (Basic & Clinical) 3
    Elective 2 2
    IX Pharmacy Administration 4
    Pharmacy Practice- 7 (Clinical Skills, Patient Counseling, Introduction to Clerkship) 8
    Research Project 2
    Community Pharmacy Practice Management 2
    Institutional Pharmacy Practice Management 2
    X Clinical Toxicology 2
    Pharmacoeconomics 2
    Electives -3 2
    Pharmacy Practice -8 (Clinical Clerkship) 12

  • Research/Writing Requirement

    The student should have completed their search requirement and submitted are search paper out put before he/she is allowed to do internship.


    The student must have completed the number of hours for community, hospital and manufacturing pharmacy internship as requirement for graduation. The major internship can be done in any of the three areas of internship.

    Community Pharmacy 200 hours
    Hospital Pharmacy 200 hours
    Manufacturing Pharmacy 200 hours
    Major Manufacturing 360 hours
    Total Number of Hours 960 hours

    Elective Specializations

    Elective Courses - Any Three (3)
    •    Pharmacokinetics
    •    Biological Interactions with Materials
    •    Toxicology
    •    Drug Interactions
    •    Pharmacist Services Management
    •    Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency
    •    Computer Applications in Pharmacy Practice
    •    Leadership in Health-System Pharmacy
    •    Fluids and Electrolytes
    •    Medical Imaging for Pharmacists
    •    Veterinary Therapeutics
    •    Introduction to Academic Pharmacy
    •    Seminars in Geriatrics
    •    Seminars in Cardiology
    •    Seminars in Long Term Care
    •    Interdisciplinary Care of the Child with Special Health Care Needs
    •    Infectious Disease and Pharmacotherapy in Acute Care
    •    Introduction to the Infectious Patient
    •    Radiopharmaceuticals
    •    Comprehensive Immunization Delivery
    •    Seminars in Pediatrics
    •    Medication Management in Ambulatory/Primary Care
    •    Veterinary Therapeutics
    •    Herbals, Homeopathy, and Dietary Supplements
    •    Seminars in Global Health Pharmacy
    •    Seminars in Psychiatric Pharmacy
    •    Advanced Diabetes Management
    •    Geriatric Pharmacotherapy
    •    Oncology Biomarkers
    •    Interdisciplinary Care of the Child with Special Health Care Needs
    •    Health Equity and Social Justice
    •    Topics in Safety and Quality
    •    Research Seminar in Social & Administrative Pharmacy
    •    History of Pharmacy
    •    Byzantine Medicine and Pharmacy
    •    Independent Study
    •    Pharmaceutical Marketing and Policy
    •    Research Seminar in Social & Administrative Pharmacy

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  • What are the career opportunities for graduates with Bachelor of Pharmacy degree?

    TAU provides comprehensive theoretical and practical training to prepare students to pursue various career goals after obtaining their Bachelor of Pharmacy degree. Some of the career opportunities for students undertaking this degree include medication specialists, researchers, health educators, managers in drug establishments, laboratory instructors, food and drug regulation officers, pharmacists, etc.

  • Are students exposed to real-life training situations while pursuing a degree in pharmacy?

    The internship program for the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree at TAU enables students to undergo their training in community and hospital pharmacies and manufacturing industries. This offers an excellent opportunity for students to receive hands-on training and apply their knowledge in real-life situations.

  • Is Texila American University a recognized institution?

    Texila American University (TAU) is registered with National Accreditation Council (NAC) Guyana, Listed in Medical Council of Guyana, India, Nigeria & Many more.

  • How long does the admission procedure take place?

    The Admissions Officer (AO) at TAU will send an Acknowledgment of Receipt within two weeks of receiving your application. After ensuring that you have sent a complete application with all the required documents, the university will get your documents verified. Subsequently, a decision for a possible interview will be taken within the next two weeks. Once the interview takes place, you will be informed of the final decision within the next two weeks.

  • Are TAU students eligible to receive financial aid?

    Students enrolled under TAU are eligible for private educational loans from various private loan lenders. TAU also offers a number of full and partial scholarships to meritorious and deserving students in each semester.