Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs at Texila American University (TAU) is responsible for ensuring the university's excellence in teaching, learning, engaging, and diversifying. The office oversees the university's curriculum initiatives, the hiring of faculty, promotion of faculty and staff, the management of the library, and the administration of all academic departments and programs. The Office of Academic Affairs also plays a crucial role in the university's budget development and strategic planning.

The Office of Academic Affairs strives to identify the collective aspirations for the university and undertake dynamic strategies and agendas to fulfill the objectives. The primary responsibilities of the Office of Academic Affairs involve the following:


  • Coordinating academic programs, planning, and review
  • Recruiting talented faculty and ensuring their development and retention
  • Prioritizing the utility and renovation of academic space
  • Promoting and advancing the university's diversification efforts
  • Determining the allocation and strategic flow of university resources