College of Medicine
Medicine degree programs with Clinical Rotations in the Guyana, USA & South Africa
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College of Nursing
Advanced nursing programs with hands-on clinical training
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College of Pharmacy
Progressive degree courses in pharmaceutical sciences
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Hot News

Texila American University Enters Into Curriculum Partnership With Ponce Health Sciences University, USA
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Texila Medical Student - Not Just a Proud Moment - But A Vital Role in Supporting a New Entry into the World
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100% success in MCI Screening Exam
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About TAU

Texila American University (TAU), is a premiere medical school offering the best of education to medical aspirants across the world. Located in Guyana, the health science institute is creating a legacy of its own by delivering academic excellence & professional exactness.
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The students, administration, faculty and student support services of TAU were more than happy to help me in achieving my milestones. I am currently in Chicago, moving closer to realizing my goal of becoming a licensed physician in the United States.

-Mohammad Ali Mansour


Life at Guyana

Explore Guyana's legendary beauty
Guyana is a rich milieu of mountains, waterfalls, beaches, savannahs & wetlands.
Enjoy Guyana's culinary delights
Guyanese cuisine is a delightful fusion of African, Indian & Portuguese cuisines.


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