USA and Canada Applicants

Texila American University (TAU) is a prestigious school for medical education in the Caribbean. Its reputation as an advanced institution of health care education has made it the preferred school among global medical education aspirants, including students from the USA and Canada. As such, a significant portion of our student community comprises of students who are from Canada and the USA.

The Advantage of being at TAU

TAU attracts applicants from Canada and the USA as well as from other countries across the globe mainly due to the following reasons:


  • TAU implements US Standard Curriculum that is followed by the best US and Caribbean Medical Schools
  • The university has an exceptionally strong track record of securing clinical rotations and residency in the USA
  • TAU has extensive relationships with world-class hospitals spread across the USA. Students can pursue their clinical rotations in the affiliated hospitals in the USA.
  • Graduates of TAU are eligible to practice medicine in the USA and Canada
  • The USMLE pass rate of TAU's students is at par with the other USA and Canadian students
  • Students from the USA and Canada are eligible to apply for private educational loans on the basis of their creditworthiness (no co-signer)
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