Admission Procedure (Medical)

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Admission for medicine program at TAU involves a step-by-step procedure. Due to the competitive rolling admission process, students are advised to apply for doctor of medicine program at TAU at the earliest.

The admission procedure for medicine at TAU involves the following steps:

Submitting your application

  • Complete the online application form
  • Submit the application form along with the required credentials and certifications

Acknowledging your application

  • We will send an Acknowledgment of Receipt within two weeks of receiving your application.
  • Please contact us in case you do not receive an acknowledgment after two weeks.

Application Fee

  • Application fee shall be remitted using online options such as credit card, PayPal etc, for which guidance will be provided by our Enrolment Advisor.

Review Process

The admission process involves a rigorous, careful, and thorough review procedure by admissions professionals and admission committee. The review process is carried out to ensure the following:

  • To seek out applicants who meet and exceed the standards set by TAU for incoming freshmen
  • To look for applicants who have the potential to be leaders in the stream of medical profession

Review Criteria

Admissions professionals evaluate applicants on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Individual courses and the grades earned by the applicant and the strength of academic record
  • Non-academic talents and personal qualities Other inter personal skills

Academic achievement of the applicants throughout their educational life

  • Admissions Officers (AO) review and evaluate the student's strength of academic record
  • While reviewing a high school record, Admission Officers look for grade patterns to review the consistency of performance

Achievements of students outside the classroom

  • Admissions Officers look for students who possess strength of character and demonstrate creativity, generosity, concern, intellectual curiosity, motivation, and determination
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